Mobiata Launches New Android Version of Best-Selling FlightTrack

Company: Mobiata
Published: 25 November, 2009
Mobiata, a leading provider of best-selling mobile travel applications, today announced the availability of an Android version of its top-selling FlightTrack mobile application for unlimited real-time commercial flight tracking and flight status updates across the world. Atop the iPhone Travel bestseller list ever since the product's launch in November 2008, FlightTrack delivers expanded live flight information, including route maps and flight status alerts for cancellations, delays, gate changes, aircraft changes, baggage claim and much more as they occur.

FlightTrack's professional-grade international flight tracking features are powered by data from FlightStats(TM), which delivers real-time and historical flight information that improves the travel experience. Travelers can search for and add flights to their itineraries up to 11 months in advance. FlightTrack automatically updates flight status information if any details change and notifies travelers ahead of time if their flights have been cancelled, enabling them to find alternate flights. A first-of-its-kind feature for travel apps, an Android widget in FlightTrack displays departure and arrival information on the homescreen of the device, providing an ataglance view of a traveler's most recent flight without opening the app.

"FlightTrack appeals to a wide range of users -- less frequent flyers appreciate the easy-to-use interface and live flight data, while road-warrior travelers depend on the app's more advanced, 'predictive' features, including route mapping, airport delay and closure warnings, and more," said Ben Kazez, president of Mobiata. "This new Android version capitalizes on one of the fastest-growing mobile platforms in the world and should dramatically increase FlightTrack's market penetration."

FlightTrack offers Google Maps for live flight tracking, whereby users can see an airplane's exact location on satellite imagery. By zooming and panning a tracking map, travelers can check their own flight progress as well as that of friends, family and colleagues.

FlightTrack's offline mode provides access to last-known flight details at anytime, so travelers can review their airport gate, arrival/departure times and connection information, even while en route on an airplane. Travelers can track flights across the U.S., Canada, UK, Mexico, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Russia, China, India, Japan, South America and elsewhere.