Mobile Websites Made Easy With GX WebManager 9.6

Published: 14 October, 2008
GX launches Mobile Web Supports in release 9.5 of its Enterprise Web Content Management platform GX WebManager. This enables customers to build and launch mobile websites within a couple of days. Using Device Recognition the software identifies the type of phone each visitor is using and adjusts the presentation, screen size and interactive options accordingly. This saves customers the hassle of keeping track of the large variety in mobile phones.

The mobile website can be managed in the same way and within the same GX WebManager environment as the 'normal' website of the customers. Furthermore, all options of the Enterprise Web Content Management platform, for example in the fields of personalization, forms and integration, are also available for the mobile channel.

More visitors
Release 9.6 also contains enhancements to the Search Engine Optimization functionality, which increases the findability of websites by search engines and high-profile websites like Google News. A vast majority of online consumers start their search for information or productions using a search engine. This makes the creation of a search engine-friendly website a critical issue for companies and organizations looking to increase the amount of visitors on their website. GX WebManager 9.6 is enhanced to optimize the ranking of news articles in Google News, offers more flexibility in the use of search engine-friendly URLs and supports compression of the Google sitemap.xml file.

Furthermore, the internal search engine of GX WebManager was enhanced with functionality that allows searches within parts of a site and filters for publication time, document type or terms. The configuration and management of the search engine has been simplified and the documentation was enhanced to enable fast and optimal use of the search engine.

Product Catalog
A new Product Catalog is introduced for local governments. With the new Product Catalog, the product descriptions can be enriched with other content like images, tables, downloads and even FAQ's (frequently asked questions) and Google-maps elements. The product pages can also be personalized to, for example, allowing a civil servant to view and retrieve more information than a normal citizen.

The DigiD connector has been part of GX WebManager for years but is now available as a WebManager Component Bundle (WCB) which allows maximum flexibility to use it in any governmental website.

Content Import & Export
The Content Import/Export module simplifies and leverages the reuse of content over different installations of GX WebManager and over various web initiatives. This module offers optimal support for setting up various Development, Test, Acceptance and Production environments.

Ease of use
A number of features requested by our customers and partners are now available. One of these features is the bulk deletion, copying, duplicating and moving trees of pages.