MsgViewer Pro 3.0, the Viewer for .MSG and .EML email Files, is Released

Published: 01 September, 2008
Encryptomatic LLC today announced the release of MsgViewer Pro 3.0, the popular email viewer and file attachment extractor for emails in Outlook .MSG or .EML format.

MsgViewer 3.0 adds important new features requested by users and administrators, including the ability render mime .eml or Outlook .msg email files in their original text, rich text or html formatting.

MsgViewer Pro can also provide access to .pst files if MAPI is present on the computer.

Powerful export functions have been added, including:
- Export formatted email to PDF, JPG, GIF, TIF, PNG, BMP and TXT format.
- Export email to .csv spreadsheet format
- Renaming of email messages in a “Bates Stamp” style namig scheme
- Reply To and Forward email messages, using your default email client
- Search recursive directories
- Improved search and batch export/copy of selected files

MSGViewer Pro makes it easy access a directory with thousands of email message files. With MsgViewer Pro, users can easily browse messages in an Outlook-like interface, search message fields for a text string, and open email file attachments in their native application or save them to disk.

MsgViewer Pro is employed by large or small corporations, governments, and legal firms, in a wide range of applications, including email forensics, email archiving, email client migrations, preparing email for import into litigation management systems. It is also used in shared environments (TS or Citrix) to provide users with access to remotely stored email caches.

Encryptomatic's .MSG and EML file reader is simple to use, and may be installed as the default .msg file handler in Windows, enabling the user to display a .msg or .eml file by simply clicking on it.