NetQin Mobile Guard v2.4 Released

Company: NetQin Mobile Inc.
Published: 17 July, 2010
NetQin Mobile Inc., a global leading mobile security service provider, has just released NetQin Mobile Guard, a free mobile application, for S60 the 3rd and 5th devices. Featuring a package of system optimization, web management, and proactive defence tools, the application provides users with total control over the amount of internet traffic and improves the system's overall speed.

NetQin Mobile Guard v2.4 is designed to optimize system performance while minimizing the power consumption, and keeping users in control of the amount of internet usage. The product also features mobile optimization scans to allow users to have their phones running at optimum speed. This includes an Operating System Scan that scans for basic characteristics that the phone may possess. Based on the results of this scan, the program then generates a rating of the phone's optimization status. The package also has application, boot and task managers that allow users to manually get into the system and choose to delete unnecessary items. A spam cleaner is also installed along with the package to allow users to clean out any spam that may exist in the device.

The package is also designed to protect the system from malicious programs and files. This includes an Anti-Malware scan feature, and a feature that allows users to scan installation files prior to installing them. A Safe Mode option is also present in the package. Safe Mode is a crash protection feature, which provides a safe environment for solving device problems and prevents the loss of data. This allows users to start up the system with only the basic system files running. In Safe Mode, users can deactivate malware from the time the device is started, allowing the user to keep the device running free from viruses.

Users can now enjoy the freedom of the mobile internet without the concern of an overly high phone bill due to internet charges. The NetQin Mobile Guard v2.4 detects and records any incoming and outgoing internet traffic on the system, with the ability to put a limit on how much can be used. Also present is a real-time display of traffic flow that can be edited to the user's preference. All these are to keep users in full control of their internet usage, and avoid unforeseen phone charges.