NEW Diskeeper 2011 - Official Release

Company: Diskeeper Corporation Europe
Published: 23 March, 2011
Diskeeper Corporation today announced the release of Diskeeper(R) 2011 data performance software. Diskeeper's patented technology provides the bedrock for some impressive new features. New "Efficiency Mode" and "Instant Defrag" are amongst the few that herald next generation solutions in the IT market place for performance and reliability issues.

Diskeeper prevents up to 85% of all fragmentation (a condition where files are broken up and scattered across the hard disk), and invisibly eliminates the rest - all with zero resource conflicts.

Efficient Mode new in Diskeeper 2011 minimizes the time and resources used by Diskeeper to restore and maintain peak performance and reliability. Efficiency Mode is smart enough to detect fragmentation that is a problem and targets it for priority handling. The software further contains two unique technologies closely married together to achieve the ultimate in system performance: IntelliWrite(R) technology to prevent up to 85% of fragmentation before it ever happens-an industry first-and New Instant Defrag(TM) which understands how files are used and immediately defrags the ones that will be used right now.

"The instant defrag is a huge thing for us in this IT department... Having this instant defrag is shortening the time it takes to place the machines back in use. I have always been impressed with Diskeeper, but this version shows the dedication your company has with making each PC run at optimal speed." Brandon Butler, Professional Medical Services.

The need for more data and faster processing is growing enormously for everybody which is evident in new storage technologies. System resource wastes; such as disk space, I/O, resources, and unnecessary hardware expenditures also magnifies throughout networks, driving up operating costs. As the IT environment becomes more complex, performance bottlenecks in the underlying infrastructure magnify throughout a site and seriously impact productivity. With Diskeeper 2011, major improvement in system efficiency and a significant reduction in the entire site's operating costs are achieved.

Features in Diskeeper 2011

Exclusive IntelliWrite technology: The O/S activity of writing files in pieces to the disk (fragmentation) can be prevented before it happens - up to 85% and more. Extremely valuable for thin provisioned storage and SAN as well as all other systems.

New Instant Defrag: Instant Defrag, new in Diskeeper 2011, works in conjunction with IntelliWrite to quickly eliminate any fragments not prevented during the initial write. For those fragments, IntelliWrite passes along information in real-time to the Instant Defrag engines for immediate handling.

New Efficient Mode: Efficient Mode, also new in Diskeeper 2011, uses the minimum disk Input/Output (I/O) to restore and maintain maximum performance. The Efficient Mode is smart enough to detect fragmentation that is a problem and targets it for priority handling. Efficient mode only addresses problem fragmentation and by eliminating the unnecessary extra effort to get to a state of 0 total fragments, peak performance is rapidly restored.

New Performance Report: The new performance report in Diskeeper 2011 overlays the main User Interface (UI) to provide the user with an instant view of gains they experience. Users will see:

- System Configuration Status
- Read and Write Access Time - % improvement
- How much fragmentation was prevented and eliminated
- Cumulative Number of I/Os Saved

Exclusive InvisiTasking(R): Technology has been redesigned in Diskeeper 2011 to be more assertive in I/O active environments while still maintaining invisible processing. The enhancements will allow Diskeeper to accomplish more defragmentation and resolve it faster (e.g. Instant Defrag), during typical production workloads.

HyperFast(R) solid state drive optimizer: Included in the server editions and available as an add-on to Diskeeper Home, Professional and ProPremier editions. HyperFast(R) solid state drive optimizer is proven optimizing technology for Solid State Drives (SSDs), providing faster performance and longer lifespan.

Diskeeper 2011 takes enterprise network performance and efficiency far beyond what defrag-only can achieve. The advanced features in Diskeeper 2011 combined with IntelliWrite technology make previously unapproachable levels of system efficiency a reality. Diskeeper 2011 makes systems faster, more reliable, longer lived, and energy efficient.