New EarthCam Construction Camera Software Takes Full Advantage of Webcam Gains

Company: EarthCam
Published: 28 March, 2010
EarthCam, the international webcam technology experts, today announced new Control Center 7 software designed to provide project managers smart access to remote webcam technology advances including streaming HD widescreen with visual charting of essential system performance details.

"The growing sophistication of webcam technology, such as expanded cellular and wireless radio connections and solar power advances, demands superior software," said Brian Cury, CEO and Founder of EarthCam. "Our new Control Center 7 system takes full advantage of the new webcam technology. At the same time, it addresses the needs of our customers to monitor their jobsite environment easily, while tracking the status of the equipment and its connections with no more effort than a click," Cury said.

Critical real-time solar, battery or fuel cell power and wireless connectivity status, as well as the impact of local weather conditions, are essential to reliable image management and archiving. With new custom graphics for construction, transportation and dredging operations, Control Center 7 transforms complex current and archival data into time saving visuals. Essential information includes detailed hardware equipment performance, image transmission, camera locations, local weather conditions and forecasts.

Data Dashboard

Control Center 7 includes visually dynamic real-time views of essential solar and wireless system performance, current weather and forecasts. Technical details of wireless connectivity, solar power parameters, fuel cell data, camera location and other critical performance points are displayed simply in the Data Dashboard, a "one-stop" interactive graphic overview. Precise camera location mapping using "on board" GPS and new Google Earth integration further enhances the new software experience.

Among other major new Control Center 7 features:

Weather Data Center

A Weather Data Center provides current conditions, rain day counts and a 48-hour forecast with continuously updating U.S. National Weather Service satellite, radar mapping and weather warnings.

Wireless Data Center

A Wireless Data Center provides up-to-the-minute visuals tracing, connectivity, signal strength transmission rate and other relevant information for wireless systems including 3G/4G cellular, Wi-Fi and microwave radio transmissions.

Solar Data Center

A Solar Data Center provides constant status of battery, solar and fuel cell powered system performance. The feature monitors remote hardware and takes action to support vital signs of alternative power systems including panel sunlight absorption and discharge rates, battery status and voltage levels. The data system also keeps users in constant touch with surrounding conditions with selectable alarms and alerts.

Other features include iPod, iPhone, iPad and other mobile device access, enhanced image comparison and a virtual construction x-ray.