New Software Allows Multiple Mouse Cursors to Collaborate on One Desktop

Company: Bartels Media GmbH
Published: 24 May, 2010
Bartels Media GmbH has released MultiMouse, a multi-user Windows application that lets up to 50 users use the mouse and keyboard on their PCs to control the desktop of a central computer.

MultiMouse lets users work together on the common desktop of the central PC for training, brainstorming, collaboration, or document building.

Each user moves their mouse cursor out of their desktop to make it automatically appear on the common computer. Each mouse cursor has a customizable name tag, making it easy to know who is pointing to what on the shared computer screen.

Educators and trainers can use MultiMouse to work together with groups of students. MultiMouse turns a static classroom into an interactive learning environment, where each student can participate and contribute with classmates on a common SmartBoard. The teacher can use MultiMouse's control panel to invite or block individual students.

Project teams can hold meetings that encourage two-way information flow.

MultiMouse uses the wireless or Ethernet network connection to transmit each user's mouse position and text input, with no additional hardware required. MultiMouse's network communications are configured automatically. There's no need for a network administrator to assign IP addresses or port numbers.

MultiMouse works on any combination of laptops, netbooks, desktops, or tablet PCs running any mix of Microsoft 32 or 64-Bit Windows 2003/XP/Vista/7.