Now Create Entertaining Slide Shows with the Newly Launched Slide Show Expressions 1.2

Company: DinoDirect China Limited
Published: 13 February, 2011 (another platform of recently announced the availability of Slide Show Expressions 1.2, which will help you to create and enhance entertaining photo slide shows and share them with your friends and family.

"The Slide Show Expressions 1.2 brings your favourite, photos, music and videos together in one place in the form of a themed slide show. So, it helps you preserve those beautiful memories and cherish them forever. You can even share them with your friends and family," said the Marketing Manager of the company.

"The Slide Show Expressions 1.2 comes with the latest tools which will help you enhance the magic of even still photographs. The Professional pan and Zoom functions will bring still images to life by panning across pictures and zooming in and out. The special effects are also numerous in the Slide Show Expressions 1.2 like the slide transitions, picture captions, text and voice over annotations. Now, you can even flaunt among your friends by designing and printing CD labels and DVD inserts and that can be personalized with your photos and captions," added the Marketing Manager.

The product will enable you to do this all easily and quickly. It is designed in a very user friendly way. And, once you are done with creating the photo slide show, just share it with your friends and family online at MySpace, YouTube and others. And if you want to take your slide shows along with you on your mobile phone, and mobile PDA device, that too is possible. As the Slide Show Expressions 1.2 supports all major audio, video and portable device file formats. So you can play them on Video Players, Apple iPod, Sony PSP Players, SanDisk Sansa and other portable video players. You can even convert photo, video and music files to optimized formats for your favourite device.

There are Onscreen DVD movie menus including chapters in the Slide Show Expressions 1.2 which will enable you to create your own DVD. You can also easily burn home movies to a DVD and even trim video for perfect results. It is a great product which will let you create an archive of all your photos and music. Sharing the memories of any occasion; weddings, birthdays, holidays, vacations, anniversaries, family or friends' reunion, picnics with friends and family never got so easier. So now do more with your memorable pictures and favourite music with the Slide Show expressions 1.2.