OpenSAF Announces General Availability of Release 3

Company: OpenSAF Foundation
Published: 17 June, 2009
The OpenSAF project, an open source community developing high availability base platform middleware, today announced that Release 3.0 of its Open Service Availability Framework (OpenSAF) code base is now available for download, free of charge, under the LGPL 2.1 license. This is the second major release of the OpenSAF code base since the OpenSAF Foundation was created in January 2008. Among the key features in this release are the new Information Model Management Service, Notification Services and Java APIs. This release significantly increases the compliance with current Service Availability Forum(TM) specifications for high availability and adds extensive usability improvements for use with the Linux operating system. The OpenSAF project has seen significant traction in the last 12 months as evidenced by over 200 contributions from many different companies. These contributions have made their way into Release 3 of OpenSAF and the result is a stable, mature open source HA project with a broad community that is being designed into LTE gateways, IMS servers and other core and edge devices.

Coincident with the General Availability of Release 3 the OpenSAF project also concluded the second annual Developer Days Conference. This two-day event included discussions on the latest developments in the project, new specifications that have been defined by the Service Availability Forum(TM) and the roadmap plans for the next release. The Developer Days event was hosted by Huawei at their corporate headquarters in Shenzhen, China and was attended by over 50 developers from around the world.

"In response to a significant increase in contributors from the Asia Pacific region, OpenSAF held its annual technical conference in China. We were very pleased to have developers not only from China but also from North America, Europe, South Korea, & India representing more than a dozen global leaders at the conference," said Mario Angelic, Co-Chair of the Technical Leadership Council. He added, "the Developer Days conference is rather unique in that it is a bidirectional event where we openly discuss progress to date but also look forward to developing needs and how we as a community will tackle these challenges."

"Release 3 is a significant step forward in that it includes most of the features deemed by the SCOPE Alliance(TM) as a high priority in high availability middleware," said Jonas Arndt, Co-Chair of the Technical Leadership Council, adding "during the Developer Days conference we also began the planning process for Release 4. Release 4 will continue the compliance with, and adoption of, new SAF specifications for systems and platform management."