OPEX Corporation Releases ImageAdvance Imaging System for the MPS 40

Company: OPEX Corporation
Published: 27 January, 2009
OPEX Corporation announced today the release of ImageAdvance, an innovative imaging system for the OPEX MPS 40 high volume multi-purpose sorter for incoming mail.

This new imaging system incorporates automatic light intensity control, allowing it to compensate for variations in transport speeds. It produces consistent output from the camera and reduces image noise and distortion, making it easier for a mail piece to be read accurately. The new technology is also designed to decrease lens distortion and make camera calibration a straightforward process.

An additional benefit of ImageAdvance is a reduction in the amount of required machine maintenance. The LED arrays produce a consistent and uniform light output for the lifespan of the array, which is typically years as opposed to weeks with current incandescent systems. There is also a significant decrease in power usage and heat output. ImageAdvance will be a standard feature on all new OPEX MPS 40 sorters.

The MPS 40's modular design makes it one of the most efficient mailroom sorters in the industry. The MPS 40 can be easily upgraded with additional modules to accommodate growing businesses. It is a highly-reliable incoming mail processing solution, offering users greater speed, a variety of sort criteria and customized configurations. When integrated with OPEX's Exact Sequence Sort, the MPS 40 becomes a fully-automated mailroom solution for wholesale lockbox processing.