OptaVista Launches New Time Management and Productivity Solution

Company: OptaVista
Published: 18 May, 2010
OptaVista, a leading provider of time management and productivity software, today announced the release of OptaWorks software, a new concept in time management. OptaWorks enables knowledge workers to proactively reduce desktop distractions. On average, OptaWorks users can recapture as many as four hours of lost productivity each week.

"Today's employees are barraged with countless desktop distractions," said Robert Kapela, founder of OptaVista. "They deal with a constant stream of Tweets and instant messages throughout the day. And, then there's the temptation to browse social networks and other personal Web sites. Many staff members also have inefficient work habits, like checking e-mail each time an alert appears. These interruptions are hindering efficiency, forcing many to extend their work hours into personal time."

OptaWorks software empowers employees to proactively manage desktop distractions, improve work/life balance, and increase productivity and output. "Focus Time," a key feature of OptaWorks, gives users the ability to block unproductive applications and Web sites, acting as a "Do Not Disturb" feature for their computers. As a result, they can focus on key business activities, uninterrupted, for extended periods of time.

Knowledge workers can also set goals, so they can better plan how to spend their work time, and gauge how effectively those objectives are being met. For example, many people have a habit of checking e-mail constantly throughout the day, interrupting their train of thought and halting tasks or projects in progress. Others may spend too much time on Facebook or Twitter, and wish to exercise greater restraint when it comes to unproductive network usage. With OptaWorks, those workers could establish a goal of checking e-mail only five times an hour, or spending only one hour per week on social networking sites. Dynamic alerts notify users of their progress towards their goals.

OptaWorks also helps employees to fully understand the impact that interruptions and desktop distractions have on their personal productivity. Productivity scores are automatically calculated based upon desktop usage. This score serves as a quick assessment of workday activities, and can provide valuable insight into each individualís efficiency. As users succumb to unproductive distractions, their productivity score will decrease, providing them with a clear indicator that it is time to "get back on track." Productivity scores also demonstrate the actual amount of time spent on work.

Designed for corporate work environments of all sizes, OptaWorks software enables users to review and report on progress made against goals, and use that insight to reclaim an average of four hours of productivity each week. Employees can recapture their time by understanding how their work hours are spent, reducing desktop distractions, and reinforcing positive work habits. Built-in reporting capabilities also help facilitate collaboration and communication between staff members and their managers.

"As budgets tighten, and employees are tasked with new responsibilities, the ability to recapture up to four hours of work time per week can offer significant benefits, from a business perspective and a personal one," Kapela adds. "OptaWorks software helps employees reduce desktop distractions. So, they can improve their work/life balance and increase productivity throughout the workday."