Oracle Introduces The HP Oracle Database Machine: Delivering 10x Faster Performance Than Current Oracle Data Warehouses

Published: 25 September, 2008
Oracle Transforms Data Warehouse Deployments with Oracle(R) Exadata Storage Servers, the First-Ever Smart Storage Designed for Oracle Data Warehouses.

Oracle Chief Executive Officer, Larry Ellison unveiled the HP Oracle Database Machine, a system designed for extreme performance data warehouses.

The HP Oracle Database Machine consists of a grid of Oracle Database Servers and a grid of new HP Oracle(R) Exadata Storage Servers packaged in a single rack ordered as a complete system from Oracle.

The latest offering resulting from Oracle's and HP's long-time engineering relationship, HP Oracle Exadata Storage Servers break the performance bottleneck between database servers and conventional storage by shipping less data through larger pipes.

No changes are required to existing queries or business intelligence applications to deliver extreme performance for large Oracle data warehouses.

HP Oracle Database Machine is pre-configured for performance, pre-tuned, and certified for Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition tools and Oracle Real Application Clusters. Complete configurations can be ordered from Oracle, with hardware support by HP. The HP Oracle Database Machine is a high-performance system configured for data warehousing that includes a grid of eight database servers featuring: 64 Intel processor cores, and Oracle Enterprise Linux; and a grid of 14 HP Oracle Exadata Storage Servers that include up to 168 terabytes of raw storage and 14 GB/sec data bandwidth to the database servers.

HP Oracle Exadata Storage Servers are key performance enablers for the database machine and can be ordered separately if customers have an existing data warehouse and merely require the storage enhancements. Customers can build data warehousing solutions using HP Oracle Exadata Storage Servers, which feature industry-standard components including two Intel processors, up to 12 TB of raw storage and InfiniBand connectivity delivering 1 GB/sec of data bandwidth per storage server. The HP Oracle Exadata Storage Server uses a massively parallel architecture to dramatically speed up Oracle data warehouses by shifting the data-intensive part of query processing away from Oracle Database Servers and closer to the data.

HP Oracle Exadata Storage Servers deliver 10x or more performance improvements in data-intensive query processing,have unlimited I/O scalability, are easier to optimize for data warehousing, and provide mission-critical availability and reliability.