Pearson Launches Chancery SMS 6.7

Company: Pearson Education, Inc.
Published: 03 January, 2009
Pearson, the global leader in education and education technology, announced today the release of the latest version of Chancery SMS, the most widely used and trusted enterprise student information system. Chancery SMS is designed to specifically meet the complex needs of large school districts for critical day-to-day operational, administrative and instructional needs.


Scalable, Open, Integrated

Chancery SMS is the web-based solution for large school districts. It's more scalable, reliable, and was developed with an open, integrated approach that supports other best-of-breed applications.

As a SIF-compliant (Schools Interoperability Framework) application, Chancery SMS is based on open standards that support secure, easier, and more seamless integration of data with other applications. This allows districts to improve efficiencies, enhance data accuracy and extend data-driven decision-making capabilities.
Streamlines District Operations

In combination with Pearson's consulting expertise, Chancery SMS helps administrators improve processes across the district. Our team will help you define best practices, organize activities and improve the operational effectiveness of your district.

Chancery SMS enables district administrators to respond quickly to inquiries, create strong funding applications, meet No Child Left Behind requirements, and make better decisions for your district.

In addition, Chancery SMS upgrades are easily deployed from a central location with minimal interruption to services.
Reliable, Accurate, Easy to Access Information

Chancery SMS provides access to accurate, real-time student information anytime, anywhere enabling you to identify issues in advance and take immediate corrective action before they escalate. With Chancery SMS, educators and administrators are able to drill down into student data to analyze trends and the most relevant factors affecting student performance.

Chancery SMS 6.7 includes several key enhancements to five major functional areas including permanent records; health immunizations; elementary school attendance; security; and its customization framework. This latest version also includes support for Microsoft's .NET 3.5 development environment.

"Pearson is dedicated to a process of continual improvement, to bring you the features you need to be successful in the classroom today and in the future," said Paul Fletcher, Senior Vice President and General Manager of the School Systems group of Pearson. "With Chancery SMS 6.7, we're able to combine the latest technologies with our deep heritage in helping large-scale school districts overcome complexity and increase overall usability."

Chancery SMS 6.7 delivers on Pearson's longstanding commitment to its customers and its focus on providing intuitive and innovative tools for powering performance in today's schools and districts. Many of the enhancements made in Chancery SMS 6.7 are in direct response to customer feedback and requests.