Poggled Releases iPhone App

Company: Poggled
Published: 09 March, 2011
Poggled, a Chicago based Internet company that features cocktail and beer discounts to bars and nightclubs around the city, today announced the release of their iPhone application. The app allows users to purchase Poggled's unbeatable deals when they're most inclined to do so when they're out and about. The free app is available in the iPhone app store now.

The app puts all the functions of the Poggled website into the pockets of nightlife enthusiasts looking for fun and inexpensive after-dark activities. The highlight of the app is that users can see available deals based on where they are at the given moment. Users can also browse by neighborhood, day of the week, deal category (e.g. club night, live music, sports viewing), and bar name.

"Poggled users now have a convenient way to purchase deals...no longer will they have to purchase our deals in advance," said Joe Matthews, co-founder of Poggled. "For the first time users can purchase drinks without reaching for their wallets."

"The Poggled app is a mandatory download for partiers in pursuit of an economical good time," adds the other co-founder Sean Strother.

The convenience of the app is sure to benefit Poggled merchants as well, as it enhances Poggled's ability to drive business. With more than 20,000 subscribers, Poggled currently features deals to 40 of Chicago's top venues.

"Poggled has been really good for my business," said Rose Ehrig, owner River North establishment Martini Ranch. "I have tried everything from print advertising to promoters to bring in new clientele, but the results are untraceable and unproductive...I'm excited for the launch of the mobile app because I feel I will able to count on increased traffic due to Poggled's ability to reach consumers when they're decisional."

The Poggled app is currently only available for Chicago, though plans for aggressive expansion are underway.