Qwizdom Launches WizTeach

Company: Qwizdom, Inc.
Published: 27 June, 2009
Qwizdom is excited to announce the release of WizTeach, a revolutionary new software application specifically designed for use alongside existing classroom technologies.

WizTeach provides educators with on-screen interactive tools which compliment the use of interactive white boards, projectors, tablets, student response systems, and other technologies. Using WizTeach tools, teachers can explain and expand upon teaching concepts across various curricular subjects.

Unlike other software applications, WizTeach integrates seamlessly with any application, such as Microsoft PowerPoint(R), Word(R), Excel(R), web browsers, and even curriculum software. Using this helpful tool, educators can underline or highlight important text, write sentences, or draw shapes to help students visualize a concept.

WizTeach currently offers a wide range of tool palettes specifically for Math and English, with new tools being released for Science, Geography, and other core curriculum areas. The Math palette has a variety of tools for various grade levels. Use the abacus for counting, create fractions, and play math games such as Memory or Sudoku. The Literacy palette includes tools for tasks such as word and sentence building, punctuation, root words, and diagramming.

"There is a need to provide a holistic, interactive classroom so students can participate actively in the learning process," says Paul Brown, Managing Director of Qwizdom UK. "The new WizTeach toolbars enhance the functionality of learning technologies and provide the teacher with a host of curriculum-specific tools in an accessible form."

While most people still associate Qwizdom with their award-winning student response systems, the company has a wide range of solutions focused on classroom interaction and assessment. With the release of the Qwizdom Connect digital learning network and the Q7 Presenter Tablet, Qwizdom has a completely interactive solution that aids every student and improves learning outcomes.