RDA Launches ECAL Tracker Beta Version for MOSS 2007 Clients

Company: RDA Corporation
Published: 01 February, 2009
Leading business solutions provider RDA Corporation has launched the beta version of ECAL Tracker, a new software product that allows clients utilizing Microsoft Office SharePoint Server (MOSS) 2007 to monitor and report on usage of MOSS Enterprise Services.

ECAL Tracker provides data that allows users to verify if they are paying for the appropriate number of Enterprise Client Access Licenses (ECALs).

RDA President and CEO Tom Cole noted, "We are excited about this product. It allows our customers to make sure they are getting the most out of what they have invested for their corporate SharePoint implementation."

RDA specifically designed ECAL Tracker to help clients measure costs associated with ECALs and to provide auditable compliance and governance information for users. The product reduces software maintenance costs by eliminating dead code. Report results can be integrated into a client's existing reporting systems and dashboards.

The product includes the following features:
-- ECAL Tracker grants authorized users the ability to see who is using Enterprise Features and where the features are located within the MOSS farm.
-- ECAL Tracker includes detailed reports showing every use of an Enterprise Feature by user or by Feature with detailed date and time stamp information.
-- Reports are available in HTML, Excel, and PDF formats.
-- Reports can be created with parameters that allow users to select the Web application and reporting timeframe.
-- ECAL Tracker is capable of analyzing all Web applications within a MOSS farm to determine where MOSS Enterprise Features have been implemented.