ReadSpeaker Speech-Enables RSS Feeds on the iPhone

Company: VoiceCorp
Published: 21 December, 2009
VoiceCorp today launched a speech-enabling iPhone app, called "ReadSpeaker audioMob Personal", which allows iPhone/iPod Touch users to listen to (as well as view) text RSS feeds of blogs and websites. The app, which is available for free, enables users to listen to up to 3 English text RSS feeds of their choice. To select the feeds, users can either add the address of the feed manually or let the app search for feeds on any chosen blog or website.

With ReadSpeaker audioMob Personal users can:

- Browse articles while listening to other items by using the

next and previous control buttons.

- Choose a setting to play all feed items automatically one after

the other or manually.

- Navigate using the touch screen to listen to specific news.

Due to the inherent size of the iPhone/iPod Touch screens and its use in situations where someone is on the go such as travelling, commuting or exercising, being able to listen to the text-feed content of blogs and websites provides users with a convenient and easy-to-use alternative to just reading. Users don't need to synchronize their iPhones to listen to the selected feeds, these are updated automatically and on-the-fly directly to their ReadSpeaker audioMob Personal app.

ReadSpeaker audioMob Personal is available for free from the App Store.