Revolutionary New Software for Arranging One to One Meetings Launched in Vienna

Published: 18 October, 2015
LOS ANGELES, Oct. 16, 2015 -- Encrosoft LLC is pleased to announce a revolutionary new system called Select Your Meeting, which simplifies the process of arranging one to one meetings. The system was launched at the International Bar Association's conference in Vienna, Austria on October 5th 2015, an event attended by over 6,000 attorneys from all over the world.

Select Your Meeting (SYM) saves everyone involved in arranging individual meetings an incredible amount of time. At the click of a button, you create calendars of when you are available for meetings and add the people you would like to meet. SYM sends personalized email invitations and the recipients select and reserve from your availability calendar the time they would like to meet you. The calendar is always updated irrespective of your time zone, and participants receive a confirmation email with an opportunity to add the meeting to their calendar.

Contacts can only see when you are available to meet them. The rest of your schedule is private. They can't see any other meetings or anyone else you are communicating or meeting with. When an invitee selects a day and time to meet you, your meeting slot closes and no one else can select it. You decide when you are available to meet, the duration of the meetings, the venue, and the people you would like to invite. Select Your Meeting can be used at any time to arrange any number of meetings.

"We are very excited to launch," says Encrosoft's founder George Brandon. "We received an incredible response in Vienna, and the fact that anyone can use the system free for thirty days with only a $25 annual license fee for unlimited use caught the attention of the conference delegates. The video on the SYM website tells the story, and the system is ideal for anyone who wants to arrange one to one meetings. SYM is incredibly effective when you plan trips to meet people or attend conferences. It would normally take me or my secretary approximately forty-eight hours to arrange the meetings for a conference the size of the IBA's in Vienna, but SYM reduced this to less than an hour."

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