Rhomobile Announces RhoSync 2.0

Company: Rhomobile, Inc.
Published: 02 September, 2010
Rhomobile today announced RhoSync 2.0, the latest version of the only open source sync server for enterprise data. RhoSync is a standalone server that keeps enterprise application data current and accessible on users' smartphones even when offline or disconnected. RhoSync 2.0 is the most scalable sync server through its first ever application of sync to "No SQL" databases. RhoSync 2.0 is available as a hosted Software as a Service on the RhoHub hosted service. Of particular note is that RhoSync 2.0 is now available to developers writing iPhone apps in Objective C (i.e. that aren't using the Rhodes framework).

"The robust performance quality and reliability of RhoSync allows us to offer data-intensive mobile applications that successfully integrate with existing enterprise applications," said Chris Hall, CEO of Logic Appeal. "With RhoSync, we know our cross-platform CRM application will consistently return updated customer data direct to users' smartphones."

RhoSync now performs its server data caching and incremental device update differencing via the open source Redis key value database. This provides a level of performance and scalability never before seen in mobile sync servers. RhoSync takes the massively scalable story of web services such as Twitter and Facebook (all operating on No SQL infrastructures) to the world of enterprise data sync.

RhoSync is now much easier to purchase and deploy as it is available as a production-quality hosted service on RhoHub. RhoSync is also still available as an on-premises sync server that a developer or company can host.

Unlike other sync servers, RhoSync was built from the ground up to target the modern smartphone. RhoSync is the only sync server to use the modern smartphone's built-in push APIs as featured on the iPhone since the 3.0 SDK and the latest (RIM) BlackBerry Enterprise Server (BES). Use of push-based sync allows mobile applications to receive near real-time data updates while ensuring that battery life is not drained on the device through polling.

RhoSync provides smartphone users access to synchronized offline data. Users are able to read and work with their information when offline or disconnected. RhoSync gives users the ability to interact with data locally before submitting data changes to enterprise application backends a key feature in useful enterprise mobile applications.

RhoSync offers key benefits for mobile app developers who want to create data-intensive informational applications. As the only open source sync server under the GPL license, developers are not "locked-in" to proprietary vendor technology. RhoSync enjoys many key contributions from the wider open source community and in comparison to earlier sync products, RhoSync is cost-effective and easy to program. The typical RhoSync source adapter is less than a page of Ruby code and contains four significant methods: query, create, update and delete.

When used in conjunction with Rhodes, the cross-platform smartphone app framework, developers enjoy a simplified development process as all data is available locally and no effort is expended in connecting over http or https and parsing either XML or JSON as RhoSync handles those actions. All data is available in the local database and developers can use the OR to access it without writing SQL.

RhoSync 2.0 Features:

* NEW: Most scalable data sync by using Redis for server data caching and differencing
* NEW: Support for Objective C for iPhone development
* NEW: Available for production runtime hosting via RhoHub
* First synchronization server to use native smartphone push
* Keeps enterprise application data current and available on smartphones (even when users are offline and disconnected)
* Easy implementation by allowing rapid creation of source adapter (code size and effort is over 10 times smaller than implementing adapters with earlier synchronization servers)
* Eliminates need for network programming and information retrieval from the device
* First web services and SaaS focused sync server