Rommana 10.2 is Now Available for Free Download

Company: Rommana Software
Published: 20 July, 2010
Rommana Software announces the second major release of Rommana, an Integrated Software Lifecycle Management system. "Rommana 10.2 supports over 45 more features than version 10.1," says Dr. Hanna, CEO of Rommana Software. Rommana 10.2 includes new features to support agile development, exploratory testing and other incremental and highly iterative development and testing approaches.

Most significantly, software organizations may download and use Rommana 10.2 in a real project free of charge for up to twenty concurrent users for six months. "We want to make sure software organizations experience the real value of Rommana before they make a purchase decision," asserts Dr. Hanna. Rommana 10.2 is also available as SaaS on Rommana Software's hosted environment - where software organizations can use for up to six months free of charge for up to twenty concurrent users. This option makes Rommana available for immediate use. This SaaS option is also available at a very low price beyond the first six months. As a web-based system, Rommana provides secure 24/7 access to the project repository by team members and customers around the globe.

By using a central repository to store artifacts created by members of the project team throughout the software project, Rommana maximizes collaboration between all members of the project team as well as customers by providing a seamless fully integrated interface for all project functions:

Requirement Management
Test Management
Project Management
Use Case Management
Issue Management
Change and Release Management

Rommana 10.2 emphasizes scenario-based development and testing to minimize bug reports and maximize code coverage. "The scenario-based approach supported by Rommana 10.2 has helped our customers reduce the number of bug reports created by test teams by 70%," asserts Dr. Hanna.

Rommana 10.2 also emphasizes collaboration between members of the project team throughout all project phases. The Collaboration Notes feature allows members of the project team to have an open dialogue regarding changes in requirements until a requirement is finalized. This is crucial to any project where requirements are continuously changing.

Finally, the Requirement-Based Project Management methodology supported by Rommana 10.2 establishes new and effective ways for project managers and test managers to produce more accurate and reliable estimates and project timelines. "This is a fundamental change of project management discipline," states Dr. Hanna.