Seavus Group Announces Release of Seavus DropMind 2.0

Company: Seavus Group
Published: 26 April, 2010
Following its success, Seavus Group is proud to announce the latest version 2.0 of its mind mapping tool for visual thinking, brainstorming, planning, and organizing projects and information.

This new version 2.0 strives to simplify day-to-day work with a set of new features that brings Seavus DropMind to the next level and makes it fully prepared for entering in the business sector.

Both, desktop and web applications, are enriched with new functionalities that increases the productivity of business teams and helps business professionals and workgroups to plan, organize, and manage projects, processes, and information-based activities in a visually distinctive way.

The update includes powerful integrations with different applications, real-time collaboration and synchronization of the desktop and web solution.

"It's a major release that completes the business proposal of Seavus DropMind with the MS Office suite integration and the task management element. Organizations will also benefit from deploying in-house corporate solution with desktop and web clients managed through the administration console. The 2.0 version of the web application on its own also brings additional value though the Google Docs and Basecamp integrations" says Valentin Nocev, Sales Manager, Seavus Group.

Among the latest features for the Seavus DropMind - Desktop 2.0 are:
- Integration with MS Project and MS Outlook;
- The advanced exporting options to MS Word and MS Power Point;
- Advanced task management;
- Seamless integration with the web application;
- Multilingual support - English, German, Japanese, French, Spanish and Portuguese; and much more.

Key Features of Seavus DropMind: - Web 2.0 are:
- Simultaneous collaboration;
- Integration with Google Docs, Google Contacts and Google Search;
- Advanced exporting options to MS Word and MS Power Point;
- Multilingual support - English, German, Japanese, French and Spanish;
- Integration with Basecamp
- project management application; and much more.

"The true potential of the Business sector challenged us to bring our application closer to these users. Our key goal with the new release- Seavus DropMind 2.0 was to help the business professionals to easily connect ideas, plan, organize, and manage multiple projects and processes. We went step forward with more advanced functionalities and integrations enabling the users to change the way they work and be updated anyplace anytime." Says Liljana Trajkova, Product Manager, Seavus Group.