SigFree(TM) SDK 1.0 Released - Build True Zero Day Protection Into Your Internet Security Systems

Company: DayZero Systems Incorporated
Published: 06 March, 2010
Startup DayZero Systems Inc. has emerged from stealth mode and just released its SigFree Software Development Kit.

Whether you're an Internet Security Suite Vendor like a Symantec, a large enterprise or institution like a JP Morgan, a Communications Systems Provider like Cisco, an Integrator with Customers needing improved threat management protection, or an independent, entrepreneurial developer - with the SigFree SDK you are able to create new and proactive malware detection programs, or integrate SigFree into your existing Threat Management Suite, for true proactive Zero Day protection.

SigFree is signature free, does not rely on string matching, and does not slow down the host system. SigFree detects executable code in data packets or in memory and defeats obfuscation and self-modification techniques. Your imagination and skill is the limit but you can use the SigFree SDK for Web Server Protection, Firewalls, End Point Protection, Memory Analysis, Browser Protection, and much, much more. With SigFree, you will detect malware you could never detect by other means.

The SigFree SDK comes with everything you need to build your application - our SigFree engine, a thorough Developers guide with detailed API documentation, and sample code and demo apps in multiple languages.