Skymira Introduces IsatData Pro Service to its Portfolio

Company: Skymira
Published: 16 August, 2011
MILFORD, Conn.-- Skymira LLC, a leading provider of mobile business applications and machine-to-machine (M2M) telemetry services deployable on any web browser equipped smartphone, tablet or laptop PC, today announced the addition of IsatData Pro satellite service to its portfolio of satellite solutions.

IsatData Pro is a new and faster global satellite service offered by SkyWave Mobile Communications and uses the Inmarsat (LSE: ISAT.L) satellite constellation. It is designed for two-way communications with people and equipment anywhere, anytime.

The IsatData Pro satellite service combined with SkyWave’s IDP 600 series satellite communication terminals is a strong addition to Skymira’s portfolio of satellite solutions and will support its mobile business applications including, electronic forms (e-forms), e-mail and text messaging. IsatData Pro will also drive Skymira’s M2M services including GPS tracking, SCADA, and vehicle/heavy equipment telemetry.

IsatData Pro delivers a significant increase in capability over other services already in the market. With the ability to send more than 37 times more data, the service meets the higher data payload capacities required in mobile business applications and M2M telemetry, while significantly increasing productivity and lowering costs.

“IsatData Pro is ideally positioned to meet the needs of exploding Smartphone and M2M markets and is an example of how satellite communication enables more services cost-effectively,” said Robert Landsfield, CEO of Skymira LLC.

“We’re pleased to be a part of Skymira’s offering to the market. IsatData Pro combined with Skymira’s business applications for mobile devices will dramatically change how remote workers operate. They will now have instant access to information and will enable businesses to accelerate billing cycles by quickly sending data from field sites” said Sean Faulkner, SkyWave’s Vice President of IsatData Pro.

Additional information about IsatData Pro can be found on the Skymira’s website,

About Skymira

Skymira is a leading provider of mobile business apps and M2M telemetry services. Easy to use, intuitive apps range from eForms and reports to vehicle and heavy equipment telemetry and GPS location based services.

Deployable on any browser equipped smartphone, tablet or laptop PC over WiFi, cellular and satellite networks, Skymira's apps streamline operations, provide greater management control, and accelerate decision making.

Skymira partners with leading manufacturers and network operators including Inmarsat, SkyWave, Iridium, Light Squared, Hughes, and Thrane & Thrane, among others. Founded in 1998, Skymira has offices in Connecticut and Texas. Information about the company can be found at