Smule Launches Leaf Trombone for iPhone OS 3.0

Company: SonicMule, Inc.
Published: 18 June, 2009
SonicMule, Inc. (Smule), a premier developer of interactive sonic applications for the iPhone platform, announced today the availability of its Leaf Trombone World Stage exclusively for iPhone OS 3.0. This new version of the critically acclaimed app contains significant new features made possible by the latest version of the iPhone OS, including "Duet Mode" and "Achievement Alerts."

"Without the iPhone, there would be no Smule," said Dr. Ge Wang, co-founder and Chief Creative Officer of Smule, and Assistant Professor at Stanford's Center for Computer Research in Music and Acoustics (CCRMA). "And without iPhone OS 3.0, there would be no leaf trombone duets on the world stage."

Leaf Trombone World Stage is the first massively multi-player musical game, and was designed from the ground-up to take advantage of all the iPhone offers, including multi-touch, location services, full-time data access, and real-time graphics. Like Smule's other products including Sonic Lighter(TM) and Ocarina, Leaf Trombone: World Stage achieves a new level of mobile social engagement.

* New performers can learn and master new songs by following the floating leaves;

* Courageous performers can compete before a live panel of judges on the World Stage;

* User themselves serve as judges, joining dynamically assembled live panels to critique and rank performances;

* Composers can create Leaf Trombone songs to share their music with others by using the Smule online composer;

iPhone OS 3.0 enables a new gaming experience for leaf trombone users.

Using the new peer-to-peer communication available in the new GameKit, leaf trombonists can discover potential ensemble partners and perform live duets. Because iPhone OS 3.0 supports peer-to-peer discovery and communication over Bluetooth, no wi-fi is required. Using the new iPhone OS 3.0 push service, users can be notified immediately of opportunities to judge friends, to learn of recent results of their own performances, and to track their individual achievements.

"iPhone OS 3.0 fundamentally changes the mobile social experience," continued Dr. Wang. "With OS 3.0, mobile applications are not limited to passive, isolated experiences, but instead may achieve a new level of social engagement."