Software MacKiev Debuts HyperStudio(R) 5 for Windows

Company: Software MacKiev
Published: 01 July, 2009
Software MacKiev, an award-winning software developer and publisher, and Roger Wagner, the creator and designer of HyperStudio(R), announced today the debut of HyperStudio 5 for Windows and the release of HyperStudio 5 Players for Windows and Internet Explorer.

The Windows and Mac version of HyperStudio are being presented at the NECC conference in the Software MacKiev Booth # 1412 in several different venues - from informal presentations in "Roger's Bistro" by Roger Wagner, creator and designer of HyperStudio, to educators and middle school students showing classroom projects in the HyperStudio Theatre.

HyperStudio(R) is media fusion software for making digital creations. From animated art forms and comics, digital storytelling to virtual visits, to podcasting of school projects, HyperStudio has been used worldwide by millions of students, teachers, engineers, musicians, film-makers, and even a few rock bands. The program is accessible for the youngest users but also has the depth and professional quality that more sophisticated users make exemplary use of. In an environment where any element can be created or added within seconds, HyperStudio is the elegantly simple solution that lets users do it all in one well designed program.

The HyperStudio 5 Windows Player allows projects created in HyperStudio 5 for Windows to run on PCs while the Internet Explorer Player allows projects made in HyperStudio 5 to run on Internet Explorer 6 or higher. The release of these two players is now available by download from the Software MacKiev website.