StoryScans Images Talk, and Now Yours Can Too!

Company: Couragent, Inc.
Published: 03 January, 2016
FORT COLLINS, Colo., Dec. 31, 2015 -- Introducing StoryScans™ talking images, available exclusively with the Flip-Pal® mobile scanner. This unique software/hardware tool enables you, for the first time, to easily transform scans into stories. All the nuances from an in-person conversation are important to really know the true meaning of stories, and the emotional feeling is sometimes lost in written format. The original story in the voice of the storyteller is recorded and forever kept with the image. Here are but a few of the many potential uses.

Genealogy: Over 60% of the US population is interested in family history. According to some sources, it is the largest hobby worldwide. StoryScans takes this preeminent avocation, popular particularly with the rapidly-growing boomers generation, to an entirely new level. Imagine now being able to see and hear grandma describe the 100-year-old document showing her parent's arrival at Ellis Island, or your visiting aunt talk about the framed photo of her mum in England who inspired her. Every life is a story worth telling and remembering, now made more impactful as StoryScans talking images.

Parenting. Our families and friends are dispersed around the globe. Imagine a young mother scanning the soles of her baby's feet, then capturing the cooing sounds of the baby and combining a permanent message of love with the highly detailed image to send using social media. Or, a daddy serving a tour of duty in Afghanistan receiving an email with his daughter's finger painting with a personal message. Our children grow up, and our parents' ability to recall fades as they age. StoryScans talking images enable parents to conveniently capture today's fleeting precious moments and stay connected using the internet as never before.

Professional artists. 25 million professional artists and 300 million stamp and coin collectors worldwide promote their craft on websites, Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest. Using the EasyStitch automatic stitching technology, scans can be of very large works of art such as quilts, word working, fine fabrics, and oil paintings with their fine details and textures retained. The high resolution and uniform illumination also captures the detail of small objects like coins, jewelry, medals, stamps, and badges. Large to small, Flip-Pal scans them all, far superior to a built-in or separate digital camera. This creates a competitive advantage for professional artists and collectors by combining their audible description with an incredibly detailed scan of their work.

Memory Keeping. The majority of the 115 million US households have precious photos and documents that are disorganized, aging, and unprotected from loss from water or fire. Many are fragile or trapped behind the plastic sheet in a photo album, too difficult and time consuming to scan with conventional scanners. Be prepared, not sorry, should a natural disaster occur. Quickly and safely scan photos in place, anywhere, anytime, and include their oral narrative.

About Couragent and the Flip-Pal mobile scanner
Couragent is the exclusive supplier worldwide of the Flip-Pal mobile scanner, the world's original flatbed scanner for accurately capturing photos, cherished keepsakes, and oversized and fragile documents that is battery powered and does not require a computer to operate. The patented flip-and-scan technology allows scanning photos in place without removing them from an album or frame. The included EasyStitch software quickly and automatically reassembles multiple scans into their larger original. Create images that talk using the exclusive StoryScans software, transforming your scans into endearing stories. When keeping and sharing your memories really matters, the trusted Flip-Pal mobile scanner is the ideal solution.