SuccessFactors Launches First BizX Recruiting Management Application

Company: SuccessFactors, Inc.
Published: 01 October, 2009
Today, SuccessFactors, Inc. launched the first Business Execution (BizX) Recruiting Management application.

SuccessFactors Recruiting Management is the first and only application that brings together external data and internal success metrics to enable companies to hire the right people, at the right time, for the right jobs, and accelerate topline and bottom line growth.

Siemens AG will be the first SuccessFactors customer to roll out the newest release to its 420,000 users -- one of the largest SaaS implementations globally, across 80 countries in 20 languages.

"By BizX'ing recruiting, we are filling a massive need never delivered before -- making recruiting loved by business line managers, as well as recruiters. Frontline managers and recruiters have always known they control a big part of a company's ability to execute on its goals and strategy that can be unlocked through better collaboration. SuccessFactors is launching that collaboration tool today," said SuccessFactors Founder and CEO Lars Dalgaard. "It means in a case like Siemens, we go from 600 recruiters to 60,000 managers using the Recruiting Collaboration Application. It's a bigger market by two orders of magnitude, but most important it drives Business Execution."

BizX Recruiting Management is a core component of SuccessFactors BizX Software suite. It is purpose built to drive new levels of efficiency, impact and measurable return on investment in a company's overall recruiting strategy. SuccessFactors BizX Recruiting Management delivers maximum impact through:

* Turbo Recruiting: company-wide recruiting collaboration (across recruiters, hiring managers, interviewing teams and C-level) to identify the right candidates, whether they are in-house or external;

* Integrated Recruiting: integration with SuccessFactors' entire suite of Business Execution applications, ensuring that a company's recruiting process and specs for new hires are in lockstep with overall company goals, metrics and strategies; and

* Recruiting Essentials: essentials such as requisition management, pre-screening, offer letter management and job posting that help to increase recruiter and hiring manager productivity.

"SuccessFactors BizX Recruiting Management is the first application to enable recruiters and business leaders to work together to get the right people, in the right jobs," said Paul Albright, CMO of SuccessFactors. "First generation hiring tools create a chasm between business leaders and recruiters. Rather than focusing on merely filling positions, our BizX approach helps companies unlock the true potential of their teams to drive a strategic recruiting process that ensures optimal results."

"Successful companies are taking a long-term strategic approach to recruiting and forecasting staffing needs based on overall business goals and focused on improving quality of hire," said Madeline Laurano from Bersin and Associates. "SuccessFactors' BizX Recruiting Management is a major leap forward and offers unique functionality to enable organizations to quickly source the right talent and ensure continued organizational alignment and high performance, while also offering all the core recruiting features that other leading talent acquisition systems provide."