Syncfusion Announces Essential Studio 2009 Volume 4

Company: Syncfusion, Inc.
Published: 12 November, 2009
Syncfusion, Inc., a leading provider of user interface, reporting and business intelligence components, announces its latest release: Essential Studio 2009 Volume 4, which features major enhancements to the WPF, Business Intelligence, and Silverlight product lines.

Stefan Hoenig, CEO of Syncfusion, says, "With the release of the high-performance Silverlight Grid, our Volume 4 release really puts us at the forefront of Silverlight functionality. We also rounded out our portfolio of high-performance grids with our WPF Grid enhancements."

The WPF Edition features the Essential Grid WPF control with even faster performance. Several new skins were added, along with built-in support for printing and print-preview. Using Essential Grid WPF, developers can now export grid data to Excel with a single line of code. Essential Chart WPF also includes major performance enhancements.

Syncfusion Essential Studio Business Intelligence Edition includes a new WPF Report Viewer that is 100% compliant with RDL specifications. The BI Studio also includes a preview edition of Report Designer, which has interactive wizards and pre-built controls including tables, charts, gauges, lines, rectangles, and images. In addition, there are major enhancements to the OLAP Grid control--such as support for multiple layouts, and exporting to Excel.

Essential Studio Silverlight Edition includes lots of new functionality; the main features being the new Silverlight grid and schedule controls. Essential Grid has lightening fast performance with excellent support for themes and grouping. The new Silverlight scheduling control creates Microsoft Outlook-like scheduling interfaces.

Volume 4 also introduces a new Silverlight Docking Framework with support for state transition and persistence, as well as new controls--menus, advanced toolbars, HTML hosting, brush editors, color palettes, color pickers, and a virtual items control that is used to display a large list of items. Twenty-five new chart types for Silverlight were added, as well as new gauges, such as digital, quarter-circular, and semi-circular gauges.

In Essential Studio BackOffice Edition, native Silverlight support has been added to generate Word, Excel, and PDF documents. Essential PDF now provides support for extracting attachments from an existing PDF document. Essential DocIO now provides improved support when converting Word documents to PDF documents.