Take High Quality Photos on the iPhone With Zipix Lite

Company: Zipix, Inc.
Published: 14 July, 2009
Avid and casual photographers alike can now produce high quality photos with Zipix Lite, a new application initially available only on the iPhone. Using proprietary technology, Zipix Lite allows consumers to instantly and automatically enhance their photos. Available exclusively from the iPhone Application Store, the new iPhone edition of Zipix Lite provides a variety of features that make it easy to improve photo quality on-the-go.

Top features of Zipix Lite:

* Fully automatic image enhancement -- instantly!

* No user input or manual adjustments required -- no buttons, sliders or drop-down menus

* Corrects under-exposed and over-exposed regions of photos

* Automatically corrects degradation of images from environmental factors such as fog, mist, haze and smoke

* Original and Enhanced image comparisons -- select and save your best photo choices

* Provides the ability to enhance existing photos from the iPhone's Camera Roll or Photo Library

* Crop and Zoom feature -- zoom in on photos and crop to size

With Zipix Lite, iPhone users can enhance photos captured with the device's built-in camera or images previously saved to the iPhone photo library. Simply open the Zipix Lite application on your iPhone and snap photos; Zipix Lite automatically enhances your images while giving you the option to zoom in and crop.

It's fast, easy, and instantly improves photos for lighting, contrast and color. In one automatic process, Zipix fixes over-exposed and under-exposed parts of an image. It improves photo brightness and clarity while controlling pixel noise that often becomes evident under low-light conditions. Zipix is fully software-based and requires no changes to your mobile handset.

"A photo-friendly device like the iPhone still needs an easy way to enhance existing and new images while giving consumers the flexibility to zoom in on photos and crop them to the size they prefer. Zipix does that and more," said Zipix CEO Tom Klein. "We have optimized our solution for the iPhone. There is no easier way to enhance, zoom and crop your favorite iPhone images and share them with your friends."