Tazzle, Inc. Introduces Tazzle IT

Company: Tazzle, Inc.
Published: 18 July, 2009
Tazzle, Inc. today introduced Tazzle IT (TM), the fastest and easiest way to view, print, and send photos, e-mail message content, attachments, and files from a BlackBerry(R) smartphone to any PC using Tazzle Desktop Software. This unique hardware and software combination effectively turns the PC into a smart peripheral for a BlackBerry smartphone, allowing the smartphone to access the PC's screen and printing capabilities, while securing the privacy and data on the smartphone and the PC.

Tazzle IT requires no network access, subscription, or cables; all you need is a PC with a USB port, the Tazzle IT device, and Tazzle IT's unique software. "Tazzle IT eliminates the hassles involved in configuring mobile devices to work with computers, Wi-Fi networks, and corporate firewalls," said Christopher Savoie, CEO of Tazzle, Inc.. "With Tazzle installed, you simply send files directly from your BlackBerry to your PC."

Tazzle IT uses proprietary hardware and software to provide maximum security in any environment. The technology protects against unauthorized access to files on the PC and leaves the data on the BlackBerry smartphone under your control. And because Tazzle IT doesn't use the PC hard drive and consumes almost no power, you can keep it in your PC or laptop USB port with no worries about overheating or battery consumption.