Technology Evaluation Centers (TEC) Announces Launch of New Enterprise Software Feature and Function RFP Templates

Published: 24 September, 2016
Montreal, Quebec - September 23, 2016 -- Technology Evaluation Centers (TEC) is pleased to announce the launch of its new features and functions RFP Templates. TEC’s RFP Templates are master lists of features and functions for over 40 different enterprise software categories—including enterprise resource planning (ERP), business intelligence (BI) and analytics, customer relationship management (CRM), and human capital management (HCM).

Available in Excel spreadsheet format, each TEC RFP Template lists hundreds of features and functions, dramatically reducing the time and effort necessary for requirements gathering, and helping to ensure that organizations evaluating software solutions do not overlook any key functionalities. They also make it easy for companies evaluating and selecting enterprise software to create a custom list of requirements that can be sent to vendors to determine how well they support them.

As TEC head of marketing and e-commerce Hanna Hakio explains, “Imagine having a complete list of all possible features and functions for ERP, for example. Thanks to the optimized and user-friendly template, it’s easier than ever to select and prioritize the features and functions that are important for your organization. Nothing is forgotten, nothing slips through the cracks, and sending a custom list of requirements to vendors is a real breeze. It saves time, money, and resources, and virtually eliminates the risk of error or omission. And that’s really important.”

TEC’s RFP Templates are part of a full range of free tools and services that TEC provides to help organizations evaluate and select enterprise software solutions. This includes a research library featuring buyer’s guides, market and analyst reports, certification reports, and case studies, as well as a wide range of software selection services. TEC also maintains a patented decision support engine with a database that contains detailed information on over 25,000 features and functions for over 1,000 leading enterprise software solutions, the largest in the industry.

TEC’s RFP Templates are available in the online store, along with free samples to give software buyers the opportunity to see at no cost how they help to ensure a speedier, more accurate, and more successful requirements-gathering process.

Anyone conducting requirements gathering for a software selection project can visit the TEC Store to download free RFP Template samples.

About Technology Evaluation Centers (TEC)

Technology Evaluation Centers (TEC) is the world’s leading provider of software selection resources, services, and research materials, helping organizations evaluate and select the best enterprise software for their needs. With its advanced decision-making process and software selection experts, TEC reduces the time, cost, and risk associated with enterprise software selection.

Over 3.5 million subscribers leverage TEC’s extensive research and detailed information on more than 1,000 leading software solutions across all major application areas. TEC is recognized as an industry-leading software selection advisory firm offering resources and services both online and onsite.