Telcordia Launches Holistic Telecom Service Planning Tool

Company: Telcordia
Published: 17 May, 2010
Telcordia, a global leader in the development of mobile, broadband and enterprise software and services, today announced the Telcordia Total Perspective Planning solution, which helps communications service providers (CSPs) align business and network planning to improve network return-on-investment at each and every decision point across the enterprise.

"When CSPs develop and deploy new services, a key success factor is the ability for multiple business units, from engineering and operations to sales and finance to make critical decisions quickly and independently, but with pertinent information at hand," said Adan Pope, Chief Strategy Officer, Telcordia. "Our Total Perspective Planning solution is purpose-built to facilitate information collaboration, enabling high network availability, faster restoration, and maximum top-line revenue."

Today's telecom services are supported by highly complex networks that impact the jobs of multiple business units across the enterprise. Often, CSPs make decisions in one part of their business that rely on information located in a different part, such as a sales division promoting a service in an area where the physical network is not yet built or upgraded to support the offering.

Total perspective planning helps CSPs overcome these types of challenges by providing a set of capabilities for compiling and analyzing a broad range of demographic, network, business, technical and other key data sets against a common geographical backdrop. With this comprehensive, actionable intelligence, CSPs can make highly informed decisions across their business functions, thereby reducing a new service's development cost, risk and time to market.

Total Perspective Planning solves the problem of accurately understanding the capability, vulnerability, and potential of network assets across a CSP's entire business. It brings a new level of insight, intelligence and efficiency to how CSPs run their business. For example, the capability to see potential customers alongside existing networks, then make decisions based on a rich combination of information is both powerful and ground-breaking.

A key component to the Telcordia Total Perspective Planning solution is Telcordia Network Engineer, the industry standard for managing large-scale network planning, design and building.

Telcordia will showcase the Total Perspective Planning solution in booth No. 40 at TM Forum Management World 2010, May 18-20 in Nice, France.