Texas Instruments introduces industry's most highly integrated, full-duplex IF transceiver for wireless backhaul applications

Company: Texas Instruments Incorporated.
Published: 10 October, 2009
Texas Instruments Incorporated (TI) introduced today an integrated, high-linearity, low-noise intermediate frequency (IF) transceiver with cross-polarization interference cancellation (XPIC) support. The TRF2443 enables designers to reduce solution cost by 40 percent, power consumption by 30 percent, and space by 40 percent, as compared to discrete implementations. This integration combined with an output third order intercept point (OIP3) of 29.5 dBm and a receiver noise figure (NF) of 4.3 dB ensures superior linearity and sensitivity, making this transceiver well suited for wireless infrastructure backhaul and point-to-point microwave end equipment.

"Microwave equipment manufacturers are looking for ways to help reduce the capital and operating expenditures of their service provider customers and the highly-integrated TRF2443 can help to meet that requirement," said David Briggs, general manager of TI's Radio products group.

Key features and benefits of the TRF2443

* Integration of more than 15 functional blocks enables designers to achieve 40 percent board space savings over discrete implementations. Functional blocks include:

- Programmable baseband amplifiers

- Intermediate Frequency (IF) amplifiers

- Analog and digital variable gain amplifiers

- Quadrature modulator and demodulator

- Programmable baseband low pass filters

- Analog-to-digital converter (ADC) buffers

- XPIC output amplifier and receiver

* Transmit (Tx) OIP3 of 29.5 dBm and receive (Rx) third order input intercept point (IIP3)of 9.5 dBm allows for more complicated modulation schemes and increased data throughput

* Programmable baseband low-pass filters provide flexibility to handle signals with different bandwidths and help to remove unwanted interferer signals

* Integrated Tx/Rx synthesizers eliminate the need for complicated external local oscillator circuitry, simplifying design

* Automatic DC offset calibration eases design implementation

The TRF2443 broadband IF transceiver is the latest addition to Texas Instruments' high-performance RF product line for wireless communications, including: TRF3703 quadrature modulator, TRF3710 quadrature demodulator and TRF3761 RF synthesizers. Wireless infrastructure customers can accelerate time-to-market by taking advantage of TI's high-performance signal chain solutions that include market-leading analog-to-digital converters, such as ADS62P25, and digital-to-analog converters, such as DAC5662.