Thinix Releases Thinix Touch VDI - Touch Friendly Virtual Desktop Technology for Windows Based Virtual Computers

Company: Thinix
Published: 06 September, 2010
Thinix, a leading developer of user interface, secure computing and embedded solutions for the hospitality, healthcare, education and business markets, is pleased to announce the release of Thinix Touch VDI, a touch friendly solution for Microsoft Windows based virtual computers.

VMware is a leading provider of virtualization technology, allowing for the deployment of virtual desktops. Traditionally, these desktops are running Windows XP or Windows 7. The problem is modern users want to use touch enabled devices like the Apple iPad; and, normally, when you connect an iPad to a Windows desktop, the 'touch' experience is not good. Thinix Touch VDI solves this problem and enables these virtual desktops to be touch friendly.

Imagine a nurse in a hospital sitting at her desk, connected to a virtual desktop with multiple applications running. The nurse gets called away to a patient room where she uses a tablet PC or an iPad. She can continue to interact with the same user session from the touch enabled device to get her work done. She returns to her desktop computer (Mac/PC/Linux) and continues working. The ability to seamlessly switch between these devices running different resolutions, orientations, and operating systems, while securely accessing her core business applications, is facilitated by Thinix Touch VDI.

Thinix Touch VDI can be installed as a shell replacement for XP or Windows 7 based virtual computers, allowing users of the virtual computers to use the touch enabled devices to interact with their virtualized desktop.

The Thinix desktop provides one touch access to applications, files, folders, Cloud based applications (SAAS), and network resources such as print and file services. Integrated security options give network administrators the ability to secure the desktop and eliminate access to unnecessary applications.

"Thinix Touch VDI supports dynamic screen scaling, dynamic rotation, advanced automatic keyboard technology and other tools to make using a Windows computer possible from a touch device with or without a keyboard and mouse. Thinix Touch VDI dramatically extends the power and security of Windows 7 and allows you to access your desktop from whatever device you prefer - Windows, Apple iPad, Android, MacOS, PalmOS, Linux - doesn't matter. The key thing here is that users use the device that is most convenient to them. This empowers users, facilitates business agility and improves efficiency," said Don Van Oort, Chief Technology Officer at Thinix.

Thinix Touch works with Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP), as well as PCoIP, ICA and other protocols. Wyse PocketCloud client can be used from an Apple iPad to connect to a Windows 7 based virtual desktop running Thinix Touch VDI. Touch VDI works in Microsoft, Citrix and VMware virtual desktop environments. Thinix Touch can also be installed on normal business computers to provide users with a simple, efficient user interface.

Businesses utilize virtual desktop infrastructure technology in order to reduce the total cost of ownership of a workstation. Thinix compliments a VDI deployment by providing an easy-to-use and secure desktop on the workstation, further reducing the need for IT support, and lowering training costs.

Thinix Touch VDI will be deployed in business, healthcare, education, government and military applications. Thinix is a Microsoft Certified Partner, Intel Education Partner, HP Partner, and VMware Partner as well as being a hardware partner with numerous tier-1 OEMs.