TI introduces industry's fastest JFET-input amplifiers

Company: Texas Instruments Incorporated
Published: 12 December, 2009
Texas Instruments Incorporated (TI) today introduced the OPA653 and OPA659 JFET-input operational amplifiers, which provide a slew rate of up to 2675 V/us, three times faster than that of the nearest competitor, resulting in improved pulse response. These amplifiers combine a wideband voltage feedback amplifier with a high-impedance JFET-input stage and meet the requirements for frequency domain and FFT analysis due to their large signal bandwidth and low total harmonic distortion.

Key features and benefits of the OPA653 and OPA659:

* Best-in-class slew rate and low distortion contribute to enhanced signal integrity for time-domain and pulse-oriented applications.

* The OPA653 is a fixed gain (+2 V/V) JFET-input amplifier with a slew rate of 2675 V/microns and 475 MHz of large signal bandwidth (2 Vp-p).

* The OPA659 is a unity gain stable JFET-input amplifier with a slew rate of 2550 V/Ás and 575 MHz of large signal bandwidth (2 Vp-p).

* Third order harmonic distortion (HD3) of -60 dBc (OPA659) and -66 dBc (OPA653) at 100 MHz ensures superior high-bandwidth linearity.

* Fast settling time (8 ns) and overdrive recovery (8 ns) enable excellent pulse response.

* The OPA653's ultra-low overshoot and ringing are desirable in low-noise, wideband, high input impedance applications such as data acquisition cards, high-impedance probes and oscilloscope front ends.

* The OPA659's 350-MHz high gain bandwidth optimizes machine vision applications, such as broadband photodiode transimpedance amplifiers used in wafer inspection equipment.

* Power supply voltage range of +/-3.5 V to +/- 6.4 V maximizes design flexibility.

* These devices drive TI's 12- and 14-bit, 400-MSPS and 500-MSPS analog-to-digital converters including the ADS5474, ADS5463 and ADS54RF63.