TriTek Releases the Latest Version of Trans@ction eXpress

Company: TriTek Solutions
Published: 20 May, 2010
TriTek Solutions has announced the latest version of its award-winning business process management framework, Trans@ction eXpress. TriTek's Trans@ction eXpress solution is a transaction processing application framework, built on top of IBM's ECM and BPM platforms, which provides a highly configurable user-friendly interface, a robust background framework, and custom processing capabilities. Version 4.5.4 includes integration with additional TriTek and IBM products, user interface enhancements and search improvements.

New value-added features of the latest version of Trans@ction eXpress (TreX) include:

* IBM WebSphere Process Server (WPS) Support: WPS is now supported as a primary workflow system. While running on WPS, TreX maintains all of the basic workflow concepts present when using IBM FileNet Process Engine (Work Search, Browse Queue, Work Item Processing, Work Item History, Get Next, etc).

* Output eXpress Integration: Output eXpress, TriTek's automated background printing utility, is fully integrated with the latest version of TreX. Through the TreX interface users may submit multiple documents from the content repository to a print basket. After selecting specific pages to print and annotations preferences, the user may submit the entire print request to a configured printer.

* Full Text Content Search: When content-based retrieval (CBR) is enabled in IBM FileNet Content Engine, a user is allowed to search the repository for documents that contain a specified keyword, multiple keywords, or one of multiple keywords. All results will contain the keyword criteria within the text of the document(s).

* Dynamic Lookups: Once configured, a user can input a value within one or several key dynamic lookup fields. When all key fields have been populated, a query is executed against an external source, such as a database. The query retrieves any records that match the user's input and the form is populated on the fly.

* Alternate Processing Interfaces: Alternate work item processing interfaces may be displayed when selecting a work item from a virtual queue, depending on field values present in the work item. Multiple alternate processing interfaces may be defined for each virtual queue.

* Multiple External Data Sources: Multiple data sources may be referenced for external lookups.

* New Field Types: Two additional field control types are now supported in TreX, freeform comboboxes and radio button controls. The radio button controls will display all values from a referenced lookup.