VASCO Launches DIGIPASS for Mobile Enterprise Security Edition

Company: VASCO Data Security International, Inc.
Published: 25 May, 2009
VASCO Data Security International, Inc., a leading software security company specializing in authentication, launches DIGIPASS(R) for Mobile Enterprise Security Edition. The new Enterprise Security version of DIGIPASS for Mobile brings banking level security to corporate environments. Deployment and management have been simplified for use in corporate environments, thanks to the application provisioning service. This service powered by VASCO allows enterprise customers to efficiently deploy two-factor authentication using the mobile phone as authentication device without impacting the existing infrastructure.

Over the years VASCO has built an extensive experience in large-scale deployments of authentication to end-users. Ease-of-use and smooth provisioning are key components in large deployments. This experience is translated in DIGIPASS for Mobile Enterprise Security Edition: on the one hand the mobile phone, which is already largely accepted by many users worldwide is leveraged as an authentication device, on the other hand provisioning is very straightforward thanks to the application provisioning service.

IT departments will integrate VASCO server technology (VACMAN(R) Controller, VACMAN(R) Middleware IDENTIKEY(R) or aXsGUARD(TM)) and will assign for which applications (VPN, application security, webmail access...) DIGIPASS for Mobile will be used. For the roll-out of DIGIPASS for Mobile Enterprise Security Edition, the end-user will connect to the VASCO application provisioning service and enter his mobile number. He will receive an SMS from the VASCO server allowing him to download the application on his phone. This process is secure (fully-encrypted) and takes less than 2 minutes. Once the authentication application is downloaded, the user will request activation information from his IT department.

DIGIPASS for Mobile Enterprise Security Edition provide time based authentication. VASCO was the first to offer automatic time management for mobile authentication. With this new version VASCO also offers a synchronization service alongside the download service. DIGIPASS for Mobile Enterprise Security Edition automatically synchronizes with the time server, which makes it much more secure than an event-based authentication. In order to facilitate authentication for frequent travelers DIGIPASS for Mobile also offers daylight saving time changes and automatic synchronization.

DIGIPASS for Mobile Enterprise Security Edition relies on VASCO's proven VACMAN technology; it can be used in combination with other DIGIPASS solutions and supports more than 400 different types of mobile devices.

"More and more companies are subject to data theft attacks and therefore are increasingly looking for user-friendly and easy to deploy security solutions. Next to that almost every has a mobile phone in their pockets. With DIGIPASS for Mobile Enterprise Security Edition, the mobile phone can easily and securely be leveraged for two-factor authentication in corporate environments," says Jan Valcke, President and COO at VASCO Data Security.