Veri-Core Releases Digital Recording Suite 3.0

Company: Veri-Core LLC.
Published: 24 September, 2009
Veri-Core LLC, developers of the acclaimed Veri-Core Digital Recording Suite, announced today that Version 3.0 is now available. The new release adds Video Recording to the portfolio as well as Disaster Recovery Recorder, a powerful high-density backup recorder solution. The Veri-Core Digital Recording Suite is the most advanced multi-channel digital recording product line available, providing the simplest, most flexible and scalable digital audio and video recording solution in the marketplace. The Veri-Core Digital Recording Suite supports a broad range of clients who require a record (e.g. transcript) of live events in venues such as courtrooms, hearing rooms, law enforcement interviews and board/council meetings.

The Veri-Core DRS encompasses five product groups:

* Uni-Scribe(TM) - A single user recording solution for mobile or stand-alone events

* Omni-Scribe(TM) - A networked recording solution for multiple event venues

* Ultra-Scribe(TM) - An advanced multiple recorder recording solution

* Video for the Veri-Core DRS - A video recording/playback/monitoring add-on

* Disaster Recovery Recorder (DRR) - A solution for centralized backup audio recording of multiple locations

"With Version 3.0, Veri-Core continues to set the pace in the Digital Recording marketplace and this release pushes the limits of Digital Recorder capacity even further," said Michael Crown, Veri-Core's Chief Operating Officer. "The new Video module has industry leading performance and quality. The Disaster Recovery Recorder (DRR) is an industry first and has outstanding capacity. Our enhanced technology platform allows us to fully exploit Cobra-Net and other high-density audio interfaces, opening up a whole new world of possibilities and opportunities." Veri-Core Product Specialist Lisa Dees, a court reporter and former technical lead for a major court system, says of the release, "It's very exciting to have these powerful new products to offer our customers. Video has become a core requirement and the Disaster Recovery Recorder (DRR) is extraordinarily beneficial, even for locations that are currently using other Digital Recording Solutions. DRR is a product based entirely on feedback from our clients who told us this was a priority for them. The network based architecture and ultra-high performance audio processing of Veri-Core make it a perfect fit for this application."