VIBlend Announces SuperControls 3.0 for Windows Forms - Professional Suite of Feature Complete .NET controls

Company: VIBlend
Published: 06 April, 2009
VIBlend is proud to announce the release of SuperControls 3.0 for Windows Forms - feature rich user interface components for building professional desktop applications with Visual Studio, and the latest .NET technologies.

The new edition of SuperControls for Windows Forms expands the suite to more than 60 controls and components. With hundreds of features, extended breadth and depth, and excellent performance, SuperControls 3.0 is one of the best choices for building top-class Windows Forms applications.

VIBlend SuperGridView 3.0 ships with significant improvements in the in-place editors infrastructure, performance optimizations and richer set of APIs.

SuperControls 3.0 includes a Vista-style WinForms Calendar control with a set of unique features, stylish animations and outstanding look & feel.

New in version 3.0 is the addition of professional Ribbon interface controls. VIBlend's Ribbon interface provides codeless experience, rich functionality, and more than fifteen professionally designed themes and styles.

VIBlend SuperControls are written entirely in C# with the latest .NET technologies and seamlessly integrate with Visual Studio 2005 and Visual Studio 2008.