Virtosoftware Releases Virto Ajax Calendar 3.5 with Support of XML Files as a Data Source

Company: Virtosoftware
Published: 21 June, 2010
Virtosoftware released Virto Ajax Calendar 3.5 - a new version of the powerful web part for calendar planning and management in Microsoft SharePoint with the support of XML files as a data source.

Virtosoftware released Virto Ajax Calendar 3.5 - a new version of its most popular web part for Microsoft SharePoint with additional tools for effective calendar planning and management that supports XML files as a calendar data source in addition to SharePoint lists, SQL tables and Exchange Calendar. Virto Ajax Calendar is designed to provide SharePoint users with extended features and capabilities that are not available in the standard SharePoint calendar, substantially expanding its functionality and effectiveness.

The new version offers an updated multiple data source support. In its early versions Virto Ajax Calendar allowed for the support of SharePoint lists, SQL tables and Microsoft Exchange Calendar as sources of information to be displayed in the SharePoint calendar. In version 3.5 one more data source is available: now Virto Ajax Calendar is able to display information from XML files.

With Virto Ajax Calendar 3.5 SharePoint users can display any information from any XML file in his SharePoint calendar in addition to the data from the other sources. In fact, with the new version of Virto Calendar SharePoint users can view, edit and manage events from four distinct data sources (SharePoint lists, SQL tables, XML files and Microsoft Exchange Calendar) in a single SharePoint calendar. With this new feature it is possible to display, for example, RSS feeds in your calendar in addition to traditional meetings and events. The new feature is available for the users of Virto Calendar PRO and Virto Ajax Exchange Calendar which are fully compatible with both SharePoint 2007 and SharePoint 2010.