Visual Records Develops Android Mobile Application for Mileage Tracking

Company: Visual Records Consulting, Inc.
Published: 23 May, 2010
Visual Records has decided to develop mobile applications using the Android OS (Operating System), since it is relatively new and Android OS is being run on popular mobile telephones such as Nexus One and Droid By Motorola. These mobile applications will accompany their wide range of software products already available.

They have developed their first mobile application, which is called VR Mileage Tracker. It manages and tracks mileage information, either for personal or professional use. With each mileage entry, the user can select the vehicle and trip type, and enter the odometer start and end information. If the user needs an electronic or hard copy of your mileage data, he/she can export the information (selecting a specific date range) and email it.

Android users can download VR Mileage Tracker now for $0.99 at the Android Market.