Vitrium Announces Protectedpdf Small Business Edition 2.0

Company: Vitrium Systems
Published: 10 May, 2009
Vitrium Systems, a leading PDF-technology vendor, today announced the release of protectedpdf Small Business Edition 2.0 with telephone unlocking. Using the new telephone unlocking feature, publishers can create secure PDFs that can be unlocked over the telephone. Vitrium's protectedpdf allows publishers of electronic content to protect their intellectual property from unauthorized access and distribution without disrupting the reader. Protected PDFs can be accessed seamlessly without requiring the reader to download specialized software such as plug-ins or proprietary viewers.

The new telephone unlocking feature in protectedpdf Small Business Edition 2.0 provides a secure and convenient way for readers, without internet access, to unlock protected files by calling the publisher and following a simple 3-step procedure.

In an exclusive interview with PlanetPDF, they saw the value of having a telephone unlock feature as most beneficial to organizations that operate and send protected files to remote field offices such as the Mining or Petroleum industry.

Whether publishers want to limit the number of computers a PDF can be viewed on, disable printing or set permissions for a multitude of other items, protectedpdf makes it quick, easy and economical to protect, track and know who is reading a PDF. The service is accessed entirely via the Internet and requires no software installations or downloads. Users simply log in to the protectedpdf web site, upload their PDFs, choose protection options and download the protected PDF for distribution. The PDF may be emailed as an attachment, posted to a web site, burned onto a disk or saved to a flash drive for distribution.

"Telephone unlock allows protectedpdf users to bring their secure documents to users without internet access," said Peter Nieforth, Co-Founder and CEO of Vitrium. "By giving our small business users this added flexibility in our new 2.0 release, we are ensuring that content owners are able to distribute and maintain control of their documents under any situation."

Protectedpdf allows readers to access protected PDFs without having to download any special plug-ins, proprietary readers, viewers or other additional software. In addition, publishers may modify or revoke rights including the ability to view or print a PDF after a document has been published and distributed.