Wildform Releases Flair 5

Company: Wildform, Inc.
Published: 07 April, 2009
Wildform, Inc. today announced the release of Flair 5, a major upgrade to its award-winning multimedia presentation and rapid e-learning software.

Key elements of the Flair 5 upgrade include:

* Easily bypass Flash's 9 minute presentation limit. Flash is the best way to create multimedia presentations, but it can be very difficult to create projects that run longer than 9 minutes (Flash has a 16,000 frame limit - about 9 minutes at 30 frames per second). So Flair 5 has several innovations that enable users to create Flash projects of any length including:

* A new capability that allows users to combine multiple long Flash SWF files in a single project so that all the files will play in perfect sequence one after the other with no user interaction.

* A new FLV video cue point interface so that users can link cue points in their FLV files to text captions, SWF files and web pages. Flash FLV video files have no time limitation, but they don't normally support interactivity. This creates a powerful new way to author Flash video projects of any duration and easily combine long video and audio files with other files such as PowerPoints.

In addition Flair 5 has:

* New You-Tube style player controls that can be added to FLV and SWF files.

* A new long answer quiz format that enables short essay answers to quizzes, tests and surveys.

* Dozens of new presentation templates, backgrounds and animated icons, bullets and accents for creating new Flair projects or augmenting existing ones.

* Numerous enhancements to the recording utility, HTML export, the media importer and other parts of the program.

Flair lets anyone rapidly convert PowerPoint to Flash, generate LMS compliant quizzes and surveys, author demos and tutorials, convert video to Flash and create professional Flash interactive multimedia projects without knowing Flash. There is no other software that combines all these capabilities.