Xsilva Systems ships LightSpeed 3.0, a powerful retail platform for single and multi-store operators

Published: 29 March, 2010
Xsilva Systems Inc., maker of a comprehensive suite of easy-to-use tools for retailers, has released the next-generation of LightSpeed, creating a truly world-class application that leverages the superior business capabilities of the Mac.

LightSpeed is Xsilva's elegant retail platform for Mac that blends innovative functionality with a stylish and intuitive look and feel. It combines a robust point-of-sale (POS) solution for front-counter retail with back-office functions such as inventory management, order processing and billing. Version 3.0 features a new point-of-sale screen, a host of new features for multi-store retailers, including a powerful new solution called Multi-Store Pro, and expanded support for Xsilva's e-commerce solution, Web Store 2.0.

"LightSpeed 3.0 builds on the elegance and ease of use of previous versions to provide new features and functionality critical to running an efficient retail operation or multi-store chain," said Dax Dasilva, founder and CEO of Xsilva Systems. "Our goal with LightSpeed has always been to help our customers create a business lifestyle with a powerful and visually rich suite of retail tools for the Mac. Version 3.0 furthers this goal with a significant improvement in how the software communicates with the database through LightSpeed Server."

LightSpeed Server is a powerful server middleware application that centralizes business logic, provides retail operators with faster and more responsive systems, and allows Xsilva to advance LightSpeed's capabilities more quickly in the future.

In addition to its new server architecture, LightSpeed 3.0 includes a new point-of-sale screen that features:

- An all-new interface with streamlined operation to increase transaction speed

- Button Mode, which offers touchscreen-friendly category-based invoicing

- Built in credit and debit card processing

- The ability to put multiple sales on hold and restore at any time

Multi-store features include:

- Multi-Store Lookups: Keep tabs on the inventory levels of product at other locations, providing real-time access to detailed inventory availability and status information

- Multi-Store Transfers: Send, track, and receive inventory transfers between store locations with drag-and-drop ease using Transfer Out and Transfer In documents

Multi-Store Pro

Available for an additional annual subscription fee, the all new Multi-Store Pro helps level the retail playing field by offering independent retailers the same cross-store conveniences as big box retail operations.

In addition to the multi-store features listed above, Multi-Store Pro provisions:

- Product Replication: Enables a master store location to replicate data to other retail outlets in the chain. This saves store owners time and ensures consistency with suppliers and how products are grouped and classed for easy inventory control

- Cross-Store Gift Cards: Allows redemption of gift cards anywhere in a retail chain

- Cross-Store Returns: Allows customers to return a product to any store without store staff having to waste time and effort on researching the original sale

- Cross-Store Reporting: Provides sales information for each store location to owners and managers, and inventory information to purchasers and controllers

LightSpeed 3.0 also features expanded support for Web Store 2.0, an add-on to the LightSpeed suite of retail tools that is purchased separately. Improvements include larger product images and faster product catalog uploads.