123Paint 1.0

123Paint 1.0

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123Paint is an interactive drawing and painting game for children between the ages of 3 and 7.

123Paint combines TWO games in ONE! The player connects the dots by numbers to reveal a picture and then colors it in.

Step 1: Connect the Dots
The picture is drawn by connecting the dots in order by number. The full picture isnt displayed until all the dots are connected which keeps children intrigued through each level. As soon as the outline of the picture has been drawn, players have the opportunity to color it in.

Step 2: Color the Picture
The picture is broken down into sections that can be colored. The numbers in each section tell the player which color to use. Another unique feature is that players cannot draw over the lines by mistake. With 123Paint there is no precise coloring or erasing which means each picture will look beautiful.

Once the player has painted the picture there is a matching sound that can be played back several times.


For players who cannot count or read numbers there is a help function that displays a pulsating dot when drawing the lines instead of a number. The coloring mode also displays a symbol instead of a number.


The game is very simple, which means children of all ages quickly learn to play. The menus and buttons dont require reading or counting skills, so that children who cant read or count will find their way around quickly.

For boys and girls aged 3 to 7

2 games in one drawing and coloring

Variety of fun and colourful pictures

Sounds associated with each picture

Two modes for children at different learning levels

Surprise effects that excite children

Intermediate goals that motivate children

Reading and counting taught in a playful way