21st century worldwide growth of Forest 2.84

21st century worldwide growth of Forest 2.84

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Ever heard about the Greenhouse effect? - this simulation is looking post the climate discussion. How much fossile ressources are there? how much Coal, Gas and Oil do we deliver? - if we continue to fire it up, how much CO2 is that, in ppm? - how much Water is there in Clouds, and how fast will Forest grow if we got more of both.

This simulation will allow you to check it all out. Grow Earth's Ressources over time. All Formulas explained through automated ToolTips with live values of the simulation.

At Dynamic Applications, we allow you to define any formula system, change Input Values over time, inspect Target Values and modify all Formula. So you can really check out the world, adjusting everything you see according to your needs. You don't have to believe in Polititicans, Scientists, Wikipedia, or Google. We just set up interesting calculation models with what we found reasonable, and what you make of it is completely up to you. Automated result diagrams will show you the precise, mediated estimation and consequences of all your settings in every detail. The only requirement is that you believe in the existance of Math and either believe in us, or take your pocket calculator and check our formulas, each of them no more complex than the simple Rule of Three.

21st century worldwide growth of Forest is based on Perfect Desire, a professional simulation client by Dynamic Applications. We are following Customer driven development. Two competitions on Twitter, world's fastest network, will allow you to vote for the best new simulation idea, as well as the top requirement for our public roadmap. Every month, we work on the top voted roadmap issue. As soon as ready, we'll publish new simulation ideas for free up to the full month. It's an experiment in Swarm intelligence, and you can be part of it, today.

Are you ready to go? - let's start changing the world.

At Dynamic Applications, we work to empower people. We are Sharing Economy. Follow us to gain.

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