3D Gorgeous Fall Foliage Screensaver 2.0

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If you experience stress, this is the moment to take a break, relax, let yourself go to an imaginary trip that makes you experience sensations of peace that make you feel better. Fall foliage 3d screensaver is an invitation to enjoy the nature at its peak, enjoy the ecology and scenery of the lands with colorful images of the fall season. See the leaves falling slowly to the ground. Hear and see the birds with its vivid colors. Hear the whisper of the breeze, see the lake and you will appreciate the details of the trees in a very realistic water mirror. In one of the pictures, you can see a house next to the lake, can you imagine there, even if it is for a weekend? Walking through the forest, climbing the mountains, breathing clean air, wouldn't you like to travel to a place like this?, the temptation is to great to resist. The screensaver has three different country settings to choose from, all of it with incomparable beauty. This is an opportunity to dream, you fall in love with this screenaver, and all for free.

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