3D Volcano ScreenSaver 1.0

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3D volcano Screensaver is a screensaver that shows different erupting volcanoes from different perspectives in 3D. It shows animated scenes of active volcanoes in different times of the day and different environments. All the scenes also have good sound effects that reflect what is happening with the volcano and other things around, like the flowing of water of a nearby sea, etc. Unfortunately, the screensaver doesn't have many customization options since the only thing you can actually change is the screen resolution and bits, and you can also mute the sounds. In order to function correctly, it needs lots of computer resources, so you should check that you have them before trying it or it will crash your computer. Also, you won't be able to select the scene you like the most or choose the transition time between them. Regarding the graphics, they are average, but definitely not impressive and from my perspective, it is a bit boring and unattractive. All in all, 3D volcano Screensaver is just another free screensaver, with unimpressive graphics, which I find boring and unattractive, but you may like it.

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