50 States of USA 1.0

50 States of USA 1.0

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Most exclusive and insightful INFOGRAPHICS on 50 States of USA PLUS insights into the CAPITAL District!

Ideal must have app for everyone including students, education institutes around the world!

Introductory SALE OFFER of just 99!


Infographics provide the most beautiful and informative insights in the areas of:

Maps, History
Flag, Capital
Population (Men vs Women)
Industries prominent
Languages Spoken
Legal/Illegal law insights
Graphical Charts
Places to know,Sports, Languages
and Lot more interesting insights!

A worth app that will serve as the best pocket reference for folks who love to keep most exclusive apps in their app showcase!

Try it yourself to know the value this app brings in terms of the richness of information on the 50 States of U.S.A

NOTE: Please use this as a reference.. We have done our level best to gather the most accurate information but there is a likelihood of error and we will be happy correct any that are brought to our attention to our best possible.

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