65 Bibles and Commentaries for Bible Study and Sermons 6.0

65 Bibles and Commentaries for Bible Study and Sermons 6.0

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65 Bibles and 7 huge Bible references make up the included resources for this massive app. Great for researchers and anyone focused on Bible study.

New Feature:
** FULL BIBLE AUDIO!!! The Bible can be read to you by a professional reader. This version includes the KJV with more versions coming as availability permits.

Everything Included
No need to buy add-ons - Everything is included now and when new resources are added. You'll just get them automatically.

Add notes, search the texts with normal phrase or complex boolean queries.

Gesture support - Navigate the Bible with swipes left and right

Includes substantial options to tune the visual aspects of the app including size, color and structure.

Browse by book or group of books

Focus on just the Word, or just the references to maximize your display.

* English
* Danish
* Dutch
* Finnish
* French
* German
* Greek
* Italian
* Latin
* Norwegian
* Russian
* Spanish
* Swedish
Changes: Added new iOS 7 support

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